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Established in 2014, Experience The Skies is a consulting company specializing in research and strategy creation for the aviation industry. The company focuses on areas including technology integration, end-to-end passenger experience, marketing and loyalty with the goal in turning seamless travel into a reality.

Meet The Team

Larry Leung – Director of Research and Strategy


Larry Leung Biography Pic / Experience The Skies / Urban Toronto / Retail Insider

Larry has been with Experience The Skies since its inception. He has a keen eye on fusing business and technology ideas into creating better experiences. He has been invited to speak at different conferences on effective use of technology as a communication tool for the travel industry, multi-modal transport options improving local and tourism experience, and marketing techniques to maximize reach, exposure and loyalty.  He volunteers on multiple aviation centric Transportation Research Board committees and reviews papers for publication.  He has been quoted or written for USA Today, CIO Magazine, Urban Toronto and Retail Insider.

Connect with Larry:

Twitter: @larrykleung, LinkedIn: Larry Leung,

Email – lleung@experiencetheskies.com


For consulting and advertising inquiries, email at general@experiencetheskies.com, call 416-727-5820 or use the contact form below:

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