Brussels Airlines Deepens Partnership With Tomorrowland

Brussels Airlines Amare by @Philippe Wuyts Photography

Brussels Airlines has been the official airline for the Tomorrowland Belgium music festival since 2012. For 2017, the Lufthansa Group airline deepens the five year marketing partnership by designing an original livery named “Amare”.


Brussels Airlines

Tomorrowland is one of the biggest music festival in the world and plays host to more than 185,000 people from over 75 countries annually over the last two weekends of July inside a national park at Boom, Belgium.  In 2016, Brussels Airlines flew more than 10,000 attendees over 108 Tomorrowland flights.   The airline markets the event by designing dedicated gate areas at Brussels Airport and celebrating on board with live DJ sets as seen in montage video below.




Brussels Airlines and Tomorrowland organizers spent nine months coming up with a livery concept for an Airbus A320 aircraft. The final design showcases the music festival’s key values of love, friendship and unity and would be used for the next five years on Brussels Airlines’ regional European and Middle Eastern route network.

For the exterior, the design process included long sessions of sketches, 3D drawings and model building. Eight artists worked non-stop for two weeks to airbrush the final design onto the 37.56 metres (123.23 feet) long by 11 metres (36.09 feet) high Airbus A320 with the registration number OO-SNF  before the aircraft was painted by hand.


Brussels Airlines Amare Exterior

Brussels Airlines Amare Exterior

Brussels Airlines Amare Exterior
Amare Exterior      Source: Brussels Airlines


Inside the aircraft, Brussels Airlines furnished it with special mood lighting and headrest. As well, the Tomorrowland Hymn by Hans Zimmer is played every time travellers board the Amare.


Brussels Airlines Amare Interior

Brussels Airlines Amare Interior

Brussels Airlines Amare Interior
Amare Interior      Source: Brussels Airlines


Amare is the fourth creation for the Belgian Icon Series showcasing important Belgian sports and cultural figures. The project started in 2014 with Rakcham (TinTin cartoon characters – News) followed by Magritte (dedication to surrealist painter RenĂ© Magritte) and Trident, the aircraft of the Belgian national football team, Red Devils). All designs are painted onto Airbus A320 aircrafts and have gained popularity on social media.

While the airline has not announced plans to add to the series on another Airbus A320 or on its international fleet, it is likely there would be more designs in the future to market and build awareness on the country’s special achievements.  Curious customers and Tomorrowland Belgium attendees interested in flying on board this special aircraft can check its schedule for the next three days in a special page inside Brussels Airlines’ website.





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