2016 Crystal Cabin Award Announced Finalists (Part 2)

Crystal Cabin Awards 2016

In part 1, Experience The Skies introduced the Crystal Cabin Award ® and included the 2016 finalists in four out of the eight categories.

Crystal Cabin Awards Category

Source: Crystal Cabin Awards

This post continues with the other four categories.

Crystal Cabin Award

Here are the highlights for the Material & Concepts, Passenger Comfort Hardware, University and Visionary Concepts categories.

Material & Components

  • AWP – Präzisionsteile GmbH ERMS®Easy Release Modular System

    Easy Release Modular System

    Easy Release Modular System Source: AWP – Präzisionsteile GmbH

  • F. LIST GmbH F/LIST® WOOD FLOORING  – This is the first application of wooden floor certified for use in the aircraft cabin and features high scratch, abrasion and slip resistance requirements. The innovation will likely make it to the VIP, First and Business products in the foreseeable future.

    F. LIST Wood Flooring Prototype

    Wood Flooring Prototype Source: F. LIST

  • SEKISUI Polymer Innovations, LLC Infused Imaging ™ – This product integrates design images and patterns directly into thermoplastic sheets

Passenger Comfort Hardware

  • Diehl Aerospace Projection Enabled Flight Experience (DANDELION™) – This technology projects different images onto different surface area. It can be used for anything from highlight seat information when the cabin is dark, project advertisements or showcase duty free items
  • Rebel.Aero Ltd – Rebel.Aero Ltd – This technology changes economy class seating by allowing movements of the seat surface to different height. This will allow passengers of different heights to maximize their space.

    Rebel.aero S:two economy

    Rebel.aero S:two economy

  • TEAGUE (cooperation partners Panasonic, B/E Aerospace, Formation Design Group) Waterfront Seat – A new seat design that incorporates new ideas from wireless mobile device charging to a new seat design maximizing comfort for Business Class and beyond.


  • TU Delft: Chen (cooperation partner B/E Aerospace) FiO – Adaptive Aircraft Entry – (From University) – This new concept represents an adaptive aircraft entry that is able to transform into different functions for different type of users, such as self-catering bar stand, fold-out stool and a media projection wall. The design does not only regain the space of comfort, align its appearance with the business class area, the innovative cabin crew control system also provides digital assistance to help the cabin crew to deliver a better service.

    Flo Adaptive Entry

    Flo Adaptive Aircraft Entry

  • TU Delft: Kühne (cooperation partner Zodiac Seats U.S. LLC) HeadRest: increased support and privacy (From University) – HeadRest offers a subtle way to retreat within the space of your economy seat during long-haul flights. Unfolding the side wings of the HeadRest reveals a hammock construction which cradles your head as you lean sidewards, preventing sliding and nodding.



  • TU Delft: Bak, Bitter, Castle, van Dijk, Marschner, Schanz (cooperation partner Zodiac Aerospace) Modulair – a Galley made for Change – (From University) – This concept is a modular, easily adaptable galley which enables airlines to react on changing catering demands and route requirements by exchanging functional elements or even replacing the whole galley with seats.
    Modular Galley

    Modular Galley


Visionary Concepts

  • Formation Design Group Formation Lie-Flat Cabin Concept – attempts to serve the space issue by rethinking how to place seats. Its design will add more capacity without sacrificing comfort.

    Formation Design

    Formation Design

  • TEAGUE POPPI – website – a new concept that revolutionize how an airline will run in the future.



  • Zodiac Aerospace Lifestyle – re-imagines space based on passenger activities. This could mean new meetup spaces created for more interactions.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MaJMlPAvuxk

All the categories winners will be announced at the Aircraft Interiors Expo held in Hamburg, Germany in April 2016.