Delta Air Lines Sells Limited Edition Gift Cards Online

Delta Air Lines DC-9 Limited Edition Gift Card (Silver)

In a unique marketing twist, Delta Air Lines sells very limited edition gift cards at an online retailer.

Delta Air Lines

Prior to American Thanksgiving, Delta Air Lines brings limited edition gift cards to eBay featuring the iconic DC-9 aircraft that turned 40 years old back in August 2015.

Delta Air Lines Limited Edition Gift Cards

Limited Edition Gift Cards
Source: Delta Air Lines / eBay


The cards are made of aluminum cut from various DC-9 fuselage and tail and will be sold and shipped to residents of the US50 States. There will only be 2,500 copies of these cards available for purchases. They will be sequentially numbered from 1-2,500.

The cost is set at $US250 which will include a $US50 gift card for future Delta Air Lines purchases.

Delta Air Lines DC-9 Limited Edition Gift Card (Blue)

DC-9 Limited Edition Gift Card (Blue)
Source: Delta Air Lines / eBay

Delta Air Lines DC-9 Limited Edition Gift Card (Silver)(Back)

Delta Air Lines DC-9 Limited Edition Gift Card (Silver) Back Side
Source: Delta Air Lines / eBay

Color choices – Four colors would be featured in this limited production run (red, blue, silver and white).

Delivery – all gift cards will be shipped via UPS-2nd Day Air no later than December 11, 2015.

History of the DC-9

The following is the brief history of the DC-9-51 aircraft from promotional materials:

The DC-9-51 aircraft used to create these limited edition Delta Gift Cards was manufactured on August 25, 1975, and started service as N920VJ with Allegheny Airlines. Eastern Air Lines changed the registration to N401EA in 1978, which was later kept by Northwest Airlines and Delta Air Lines.

During its lifespan, this DC-9 aircraft logged a total of 71,381 cycles and 76,808 hours of flight time with the last scheduled passenger flight taking place on January 4th, 2013, under flight number DL1977 from Chicago-O'Hare (ORD) to Atlanta (ATL). The aircraft was retired and ferried to Pinal Airpark in Marana, Arizona the next day.

Part of this DC-9 was also repurposed to create the one-of-a-kind vintage reception desk now used by Delta's Elite Services Team in the premium check-in area of Delta ONE at LAX.
Aircraft Details
Registration: N401EA
Serial/Line: 47682/788
Ship: 9885
Manufactured: August 25, 1975
Final Call

Final Call

This is the first time Delta Air Lines produced unique gift cards based on an aircraft designs for sale on eBay. Given the limited supply of 2,500. This product will likely go very quickly. It is also great to see the airline branch out beyond traditional marketing items and avenues in establishing a spotlight to aviation enthusiasts. If successful, look forward to more limited edition products from the airline in the future.