Delta Air Lines Updated Their Mobile Application – What’s New

Delta Air Lines Hong Kong to Tokyo Narita

Delta Air Lines

Delta Air Lines (IATA Airline Code – DL) updated both their Fly Delta applications to version 3.0 for iOS (Download from Apple App Store) and Android (Download from Google Play) this week.  What’s new and unique?


Here are the highlights to the application changes:

1. Today

DL passengers now have access to check-in, review boarding passes and change seats all on one single screen called Today. This is especially handy when a passenger is trying to check for information on a fly.

2. My Delta

All the information regarding the passenger elite status information including Medallion Qualification Miles, Segments, Dollars and Credit Card Spent (the last two items are important to US residents) are now shown after login. This will help the passenger set and monitor their goals to reach the next level of status.

Image taken from Apple App Store on December 5, 2014 (All Rights Reserved)

Image taken from Apple App Store on December 5, 2014 (All Rights Reserved). Note the Today and My Delta screens where information is clearly displayed in one screen – an improvement from the last version where the passengers had to access different menus.

3. Feed

In the last version, it was not as easy to find information on gate changes, delays and cancellations on the application. With the Feed screen, all that information would pushed by DL and available for review.

View on Android:

Image taken on December 5, 2014 from Delta's website (All Rights Reserved)

Image taken on December 5, 2014  from Delta’s website (All Rights Reserved). Note the Feed screen with information for easy sharing and review.

4. Other

In the More menu, there is handy information for passengers to track their bags, locate the closest Delta Sky Club (If you have Location Services enabled, this function will be geo-location aware) and Flight Status.

Image taken on December 5, 2014 from the iOS version of the application (All Rights Reserved)

Image taken on December 5, 2014 from the iOS version of the application (All Rights Reserved)










This is a welcomed upgrade to the Fly Delta application. Passengers can now retrieve useful information in a streamlined, easy to follow manner.  The My Delta, Today and Feed screens would be useful especially if there are any irregular operations.

Next Steps

Based on subscriber feedback, here are some suggestions for the next version of the application:

  • Boarding passes on the Today screen would change dynamically and show information such as (next flight information, baggage claim areas)
  • Ability to integrate hotel partner Starwood Hotels (SPG) reservations so that the passengers can communicate to the hotel directly if there is a delay.
  • Connect with transportation companies to offer passengers advance booking upon arrival
  • Improve options for passengers to purchase food-on-board, Gogo internet access and movies in advance from the Today screen.
  • In the My Wallet screen, include all ecerts, certificate or gift card information that is associated with a DL SkyMile member and prompts for usage when a new reservation is created.

Other observations by Experience The Skies readers (as at December 6, 2014):

  • While checking into the flight in economy class, the application will offer cash upgrades based on a sliding scale on the fare paid.
  • iOS users are experiencing some crashes on iOS 8.0.1 (requiring reboots)
  • Cannot book award flights

If you have other suggestions, feel free to contact us at [email protected]  We will collect the data and provide Delta Air Lines with feedback.