Japan Airlines Adds Unique Hot Spring Experience For London Bound Passengers

Japan Airlines Heiwajima Hot Spring Promotion For Tokyo Haneda Airport to London Heathrow Airport Passengers

Japan Airlines will be the only airline in the world to provide hot spring experience for passengers. All eligible passengers on the late flight from Tokyo to London will receive this free service for a limited time between October 2017 and March 2018.


Japan Airlines

The Tokyo based oneworld alliance airline is partnering with Hot Spring Heiwajima again for a special promotion for all ticketed London’s Heathrow Airport (LHR) bound passengers on its late flight from its Haneda Airport (HND) hub.


About Hot Spring Heiwajima

Hot Spring Heiwajima is located 7.3 kilometers (~4.5 miles) away from the Haneda Airport and is about a 15-20 minute shuttle ride between the two locations. It has been offering its hot spring services for passengers for 3,500 Yen (~USD 31, GBP24, EUR27) which includes use of the facilities and a shuttle bus ride to the airport.


Map from Heiwajima Hot Spring to Haneda Airport (HND)
Map from Hot Spring Heiwajima to Haneda Airport (HND)     Source: Google Map


The hot spring is opened 24 hours / 7 days with days off on designated national holidays and feature unique hot springs, relaxation area, a restaurant and spa services.

Heiwajima Hot Spring Floor Map
Floor Map      Source: Hot Spring Heiwajima


Eligibility and How Does It Work

The promotion is available for all revenue and awards passengers booked on JL041 or BA4609 between October 29, 2017 to March 24, 2018. Passengers are required to make reservation in advance (within 30 days and up to 12 hours prior to the departure day)(Use this link to reserve the hot spring and shuttle bus) and show the e-ticket for use of Hot Spring Heiwajima and the shuttle bus to Haneda Airport.  All hot springs would be open for use except for holidays and for maintenance. Spa treatments and food purchased at the restaurant would be at an additional cost.


Japan Airlines Hot Spring Promotion - How Does It Work?
Japan Airlines Hot Spring Promotion – How Does It Work?       Source: Japan Airlines


Given their locations and the lateness of the flight, passengers can work or spend a full day exploring the city before heading to the hot spring at night. At the end of the experience, they can take between two pre-assigned buses for the airport:

 Free Shuttle Departure time from hot spring Arrival time at Haneda Airport
1st 00:20 (0:20 am) 00:40 (0:40 am)
2nd 01:10 (1:10 am) 01:30 (1:30 am)



This is the second time both companies have partnered together in the past two years. The promotion is an extension of a successful run for San Francisco passengers bound for Tokyo from April 2016 to March 2017. The airline continues to discover partners and creates unique Japanese experience for its passengers.  This promotion is notable for its eligibility for all passengers regardless of the fare paid and allow both companies to expand marketing reach.

Japan Airlines is also using this promotion to announce and add excitement to its second daily flight from the downtown Tokyo airport to Heathrow Airport using a Boeing 787-8. There are three other options currently in operation (one each from Japan Airlines, All Nippon Airways (NH) and British Airways (BA)). They are all scheduled with afternoon departures which makes this new option tailored for business travellers who want to spend a full time at work before heading to the airport.  In total, the new service will increase oneworld’s presence on the Tokyo to London route to 28 weekly flights (80%) over only 7 (20%) from Star Alliance. The big difference in service is attributable to British Airways operating its biggest hub at Heathrow Airport and provides unmatched European connections for Tokyo passengers.

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