KLM Music – New Airline Initiative Interacting With The World

KLM Music

KLM Music

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines posted a video to promote their new marketing initiative called KLM Music to bring its passengers closer together through contests and stories.


Using KLM Music  – We take you, where the music takes you as the tagline, the Amsterdam based airline aims to use music as a common bond bringing travellers together.

KLM Music

KLM Music – image taken from its website on July 29, 2015 (All Rights Reserved)

The promotion video below highlights the 95 year old airline’s global route network of 133 destinations around the world.

There is a website dedicated to this new initiative through this link. It features sections for contests to festivals/concerts and stories highlighting products or places inspired by music.

The Sound of Chicago: House - Story featured on KLM Music

The Sound of Chicago: House – Story featured on KLM Music – image taken from its website on July 29, 2015 (All Rights Reserved)



It is refreshing to see the Dutch airline putting effort and resources in creating a new experience for travellers around the world. Based on review of this microsite, there is no mention on how this initiative would be introduced within the rest of the airline (e.g. lounges, on board or other marketing campaigns).

It is often difficult to measure success with this type of promotion. At a minimum, would contests or stories be compelling enough for potential travellers to use the airline over another.  To draw more attention to the microsite, KLM can start by adding a banner on its main site to show the tagline (We reviewed the main website and did not see any links as at July 29, 2015).

Additionally, all published stories from the microsite could gain more exposure if they are included in the airline’s frequent flyer magazine – iFLY(R), Crown lounges, in-flight entertainment systems or service items like serviettes.

Higher ranked members from its Flying Blue(R) frequent flyer programme could be given access to exclusive music contents or concerts as part of its benefit package.

Other Airlines

KLM is not the first airline to have music-focused tie-ins. Most recently, Southwest Airlines partnered with Apple Inc’s then Beat Music in offering selected music streaming on board dedicated Boeing 737s, Emirates worked with UK’s Official Chart(R) in providing passengers a journey of No.1 singles from the past to present, and Brussels Airlines continues to offer a suite of flights to the Tomorrowland music festival (refer to our coverage here).

However, it seems that KLM wants to reach deeper with its offering by curating stories and creating one-off experiences with contests/guestlist access.

Final Call

One of the oldest airline in the world is marketing a new experience for travellers around the world.  KLM Music’s microsite may be scarce at launch but has promises to draw attention. We will end this post by including the airline’s 95th anniversary theme song “This Is How It Feels Like” by Armin van Buuren.