London’s Heathrow Airport Builds Airside Gym With FlyFit

Heathrow Airport Terminal 2 - The Queen's Terminal Entrance

London’s Heathrow Airport is partnering up with UK wellness company FlyFit in creating its first gym at Terminal 2: The Queens Terminal in the Autumn of 2017.


Heathrow Airport

The brand-new facility is the first of its kind in the Western Europe and is located immediately after security in the departure hall of the terminal. It will be accessible through an elevator down to the private facility. The gym will be outfitted with workout clothing rentals, shower facilities, bigger lockers for carryons and healthy food options for travellers wanting to get some exercise done before their flight.

The gym idea was developed by fitness enthusiasts Brian Chappon and Lauren Perkins who experienced the challenges of maintaining mental and physical health while travelling for work on a regular basis. “As a long time instructor, coach, triathlete and entrepreneur, I saw my performance and energy levels suffer as I racked up frequent flyer miles. I knew others faced these same challenges. FlyFit was born out of our shared passion to improve health and well-being on the road for ourselves and others. We are creating a space for fitness and community that has previously been lacking in airports,” says CMO and founder, Lauren Perkins.

Brian Chappon, CEO and founder added, “We picked Heathrow as our FlyFit launch partner because they agree with our ethos of changing the way people travel! We’re trying to create a new experience in the travel space and Heathrow invests in its customer experience.”


London Heathrow Airport - Terminal 2: The Queen's Terminal
Terminal 2: The Queen’s Terminal Source: London Heathrow Airport


Terminal 2: The Queen’s Terminal is the newest additional to the airport.  It was reopened in June 2014 after an extensive rebuild. The terminal is used mainly by Star Alliance airlines and has over 40,000 square metre (~430,500 square feet) of space. It was as the first gym location due its centralized hall allowing passengers quick access after clearing security.  Chris Annetts, Heathrow’s Retail and Service Proposition Director said: “We are delighted to be the first airport in the world to provide a calming, convenient exercise space for improving passenger’s health and well-being. The new premium service from FlyFit brings personalized exercise choices into our customer’s journey, leaving them refreshed and ready for their onward travel.”


Future Development

Gyms near the airport is not a new idea. There are many hotels attached to airports that allow travellers to use the facilities with a day pass.  The concept built airside is especially useful for travellers with long layovers (3 hours or more) or longer haul flights. If the implementation is successful, Heathrow Airport may expand the gym offering to other terminals in the airport. FlyFit is looking to expand this concept at other busy airports around the world.

While price per visit will be determined closer to opening, it may be possible for FlyFit to integrate access with Star Alliance airlines, Premium Plaza or Priority Pass members.


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