Loyalty Programs

What We Do

Loyalty Program Assessment: Airlines and airports have used loyalty programs to build repeat business for over 40 years. Over time, new demographic segments are changing the way these are used as promotional tools. We created a framework that assesses airline or airport loyalty programs  based on specific criteria and comparison with similar sized programs. We will curate recommendations with goals to improve customer engagement and revenue. 

Loyalty Program Thought Leadership: We assist airlines and airports in completing research on customers’ needs. The data could be used to create new or innovate existing loyalty programs.

Loyalty Program Partnership Builder: Gone are the days when airline and airport loyalty programs focus only on travel related partnerships. We review airline and airport loyalty programs’ existing partnership tie-ins and recommend enhancements that will build new opportunities based on customer demographics, integration with other industries and return on investments.

Key Contact:
Larry Leung, Director of Research and Strategy
Phone: +1 416 727 5820
Email: [email protected]
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