Lufthansa Amadeus Airport Pay Terminal

Lufthansa Group First To Launch New Payment Service To 170 Airports


Lufthansa Group is the first in the world to install a new service called “Amadeus Airport Pay” that revolutionizes the way customers pay for services.



Not all the airport check-in counters are capable of managing payments for ancillary services such as excessive baggage or seat upgrades currently. Many customers are asked to go to another counter to initial such transactions which adds time and processes or pay through a manual system which increases fraud risks. As part of its seamless travel initiative, The Lufthansa Group is adding a new service called “Amadeus Airport Pay” at 170 airports around the world which will enable check-in agents to process payments in a secure and simple manner.


How Does It Work

Developed by travel technology company Amadeus and electronic payment provider Ingenico Group, Amadeus Airport Pay uses a regular payment terminal that will process transaction with eligible credit cards (Visa, MasterCard and American Express to start), debit cards from multiple banks worldwide, girocard payments (German debit card) and compatible digital wallets (e.g. Apply Pay and Android Pay). The technology is familiar to ones use at retailers and restaurants which adds familiarity. The terminal is PCI-DSS compliant (a series of security standards defined by the payment card industry) and employs chip/pin which adds another layer of protection.



Use Case

The Lufthansa Group Hub Airlines includes Lufthansa, SWISS, Austrian Airlines, Eurowings and strategic partners Brussel Airlines and SunExpress. In all, more than 310 destinations over 100 countries are served by the Group. Amadeus Airport Pay can be easily implemented across the entire airline group which will introduce the following benefits:

  1. Better purchasing power for the Group will reduce overall costs to implement and maintain the terminals and service.
  2. Training can be done as a Group so that procedures can be consistently applied. Employees across the entire group can share best practices.
  3. The terminals used are portable and may be used in different parts of the airport. They can also be certified for use on board if the aircraft has a WiFi connection in the future.
  4. Payment processing is completed in a secure manner which reduces fraud risks.
  5. The payment liability shifts to the customers’ bank.

The airline can improve customer experience by:

  1. Providing a common payment interface which will add familiarity.
  2. Ease of use and quick processing reduces travel anxiety.
  3. Transactions can be completed at check-in counters which reduces time.
  4. Payment can be made for all ancillary products and services.
  5. Customers will receive a more relatable payment receipt for record keeping or expense reporting purposes.


“To bring secure and seamless payment options to our passengers to ease their individual and seamless travel experience is a core objective for the Lufthansa Group. Amadeus Airport Pay enables our travellers to choose customized ancillary services for their flight while checking in or at the gate – securely and with a variety of payment options, and without the need for detours”, said Kai Schilb, Head of Payment at Lufthansa Group Hub Airlines.

“Besides, as an IT solution, Amadeus Airport Pay gives the Lufthansa Group full control over its payment infrastructure by enabling bilateral connections with a wide range of payment providers. We look forward to bringing this service to our airport check-in desks and ticket offices in more than 170 airports very soon,” added Philipp Vetten, Head of IT Payment Projects at Lufthansa Group Hub Airlines.



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