Marketing / Branding

What We Do

Marketing Strategy Assessment: Airlines and airports engage customers in many different ways from social media channels to print to television to sponsorship. We evaluate the current marketing strategy’s effectiveness against established metrics and industry norms and provide content and delivery method recommendations based on specific demographics’ needs. 

Marketing Innovation Lab:  Every piece of asset an airline or airport owns can be utilized for branding and communication purposes.  We collaborate with airlines and airports to define, innovate and improve marketing material through a series of test labs. For example, with a new restaurant opening at an airport, we would work with different groups to design a plan that maximizes customer exposure and increases opportunities for revenue generation through concept understanding, wayfinding simulation, mobile application integration, and strategic marketing through different channels, etc.

Branding:  Storytelling plays a big part in travel. We partner with Branding Aero to assist airlines and airports in the creation and refinement of their brands. Taking the holistic approach through research and analysis, we maximize the storytelling of travelling aspects from finding space for an observation deck to the cutleries and napkins being used on board.  No rocks are left unturned. 

Key Contact:
Larry Leung, Director of Research and Strategy
Phone: +1 416 727 5820
Email: [email protected]
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