Multi-Modal Hubs

What We Do

Connectivity Analysis: We assist companies in multi-modal hub planning by completing demographic analysis and connectivity studies to airports and beyond. The focus is to maximize the number of connectivity points and the catchment area while reducing time required to connect between different modes of transportation. 

Customer Experience Review: We assist multi-modal hub operators in creating a customer experience environment that enhances brand recognition and builds on the idea of seamless travel. Design may incorporate wayfinding experiments, integrate customer facing technologies and curate unique art installations. The focus is to provide customers with a spacial connection with the hub, improve efficiencies and general well being during their time with the hub.

Retail Hub Review: We partner with Retail Insider to assist multi-modal hub operators in crafting a retail strategy that improves non-transport revenue while meeting customers’ core and unique retail needs. Every inch of the multi-modal hub would be explored to maximize engagement and sale conversion.

Key Contact:
Larry Leung, Director of Research and Strategy
Phone: +1 416 727 5820
Email: [email protected]
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