New York LaGuardia Airport – Plane Skidded Off Runway (Update)

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New York LaGuardia Airport

This was originally posted on March 5, 2015 with updates throughout the day until the airport reopened at 7pm (1900 local time)

Delta Air Lines flight 1086 originated from Atlanta (ATL) skidded off the runway at approximately 1103am (1103) Eastern Standard Time on March 5, 2015 at New York LaGuardia Airport (LGA).

Delta 1086 Skidded Off Runway

Delta 1086 Skidded Off Runway – passengers getting off the plane through emergency slides off the right hand side of the plane (Image courtesy of Twitter)


Weather has been playing havoc in the area as cold temperature and wet conditions is moving across the US Midwest to the Eastern seaboard. The Federal Aviation Administration announced it closed the airport from now to 659pm (1859) Eastern Standard time for all inbound and outbound traffic. Port Authority spokesman Joe Pentangelo told the Associated Press that the plane is apparently leaking fuel.

The following is the airport status information page from the FAA:

Federal Aviation Administration status

Federal Aviation Administration status – Image taken from FAA’s website on 1224pm Eastern Standard Time. (All Rights Reserved)


New York LaGuardia Airport has the coordinates of 40°46′38.1″N73°52′21.4″W and an elevation of 21ft (6m). Where the Delta aircraft landed is located between the East River and the Flushing Bay. The fence stopped the aircraft in time from hitting the water which would have a temperature of around freezing 0 deg Celsius or 32 deg Fahrenheit. 

New York LaGuardia Airport Geography DL1086

New York LaGuardia Airport Geography DL1086 (Image taken from Google Map on March 5, 2015)(All Rights Reserved)

Delta DL1086 shot from the East River

Delta DL1086 shot from the East River (New York LaGuardia Airport) – Image provided by Experience The Skies reader N Blaustein on March 5, 2015 (All Rights Reserved)


The following image is taken from Flight Aware’s website (refer to link to check your flight status).

Flight Aware map

Flight Aware map with weather and traffic patterns (Image taken from Flight Aware’s website on March 5, 2014) All Rights Reserved.

Note that delays are expected across the entire Eastern region as winter storm Thor swipe thru the area.. Flights destined for New York LaGuardia Airport will be diverted to nearby airports at Newark International Airport (EWR), Boston Logan International Airport (BOS), Philadelphia International Airport (PHL), etc. Many flights destined for this airport departing this afternoon and evening would likely to be cancelled.

Flight Information

The almost 28 years old aircraft (fin number N909DL) with 125 passengers and 5 crew members flew northeast from Atlanta and landed on Runway 13 at New York LaGuardia Airport.  This runway is 7,003 feet (2,135 m) long and is made of asphalt/concrete. Following an ILS approach, the flight was cleared to land on runway 13 at La Guardia. The controller radioed that braking action was reported good by a preceding Airbus A319 and Regional Jet. Following a wind check request, the tower reported wind to be 020 degrees at 10 knots.

From the infographic below, the plane likely skidded off the runway as the pilots decelerate upon landing. Due to bad weather, icy conditions and a tailwind of approximately 5-10 m/hr (8-15km/hr), the plane skidded to the left and hit a fence as shown on the left hand diagram.

Delta Air Lines 1086 Skipped Off Runway in New York

Delta Air Lines 1086 Skipped Off Runway in New York LaGuardia Airport. Infographic created by Experience The Skies on March 5, 2015 (All Rights Reserved)

Delta issued a statement saying, “Our priority is ensuring our customers and crew members are safe. Delta will work with all authorities and stakeholders to look into what happened in this incident.”

Final Call

As at 1230pm Eastern Standard Time, no casualties or serious injuries were reported. This is liking a landing accident and could have happened to any airline. The runway condition was reported to be good prior pilots of this flight decided to land.

Passengers should check airlines’ website for more information on their flights travelling to the east coast for the next couple of days. Additional flights may be cancelled as traffic would be significantly impacted.

As a safety pre-caution, passengers should always be aware of the closest exit in case of an emergency. The location could be behind the seat. Additional information can be found in the seat pocket instruction card and safety demonstration conducted by flight attendants.

Experience The Skies will continue to update this story has it develops.

Update at 5pm (1700) Eastern Standard Time

New York LaGuardia Airport has been re-opened for outbound traffic. Inbound traffic is still closed until 659pm (1859) as scheduled.

Update at 7pm (1900) Eastern Standard Time

The airport is now fully operational again. Both inbound and outbound flights have resumed though significant delays will impact scheduling as there is a backlog of flights in the area.