Passenger Terminal Expo Opened on March 10, 2015

Passenger Terminal Expo

The 2015 edition of the Passenger Terminal Expo is currently below held in Paris, France. The expo focuses on areas like passenger experience, security, technology and airport planning with best of airport, airlines and vendors represented.  Experience The Skies is here for next two days in search of the innovation trends that will improve the passenger experience in the near future.


Smart is the best word to describe the technology being featured at the expo. Here are some examples:

Smart Display

Lots of vendors in this conference featured LCD screens feeding custom information about flights, airport information and advertisement. Complex software being used to communicate real time information to passengers, airport operators and airlines.

One that stood out from the pack was from Sharp and Indy Associates.  They featured a 16K ultra wide vision technology (that’s 4x 4K screens) for an ultra high definition experience for passengers walking through the terminal halls.

16K vision

16K vision from Sharp at the Passenger Terminal Expo – Image taken from Experience The Skies on March 10, 2015.

Another interesting item from this vendor is a big interacting display that allows the passenger to find terminal information by tapping the screen. The model featured below is used at the Tokyo Haneda International Airport (HND) currently.

Interacting screen

Interacting screen used at the Tokyo Haneda International Airport – Image taken by Experience The Skies on March 10, 2015

Refer to the link for a media file of the Interaction with the display

Most airport displays do not have a lot of interactive features and not sit at a lower level that provides great accessibility.  We spoke with the vendor and found that the user interface is very easy to program with real time information. For example, if there is a flight delay, the gate can flash in a different color to alert passengers.

Smart Check In

Many exhibitors feature technologies created to streamline passenger experience from check in to security and boarding. The check in process has been re-designed to use technology more efficiently in a two step process (1. physical check in and 2. bag drop).

An example is from Vanderlande below where the physical check in is completed using a kiosk and the bag drop is attached beside it for easier processing.

Vanderland product

Vanderland product – smart check in technology – Image taken by Experience The Skies on March 10, 2015

SITA is reinventing the check in desk with a system that can transfer between a self managing unit to one that is mended by an airline agent just by swirling the computer screen to the right. The desk also features a unique lighting system and have a big screen that is fully customizable for different airlines and airports.

SITA one stop system

SITA one stop system – Image taken from Experience The Skies on March 10, 2015.

Bag Tag

The traditional bag tag is difficult to handle. One of the biggest passenger complaints is how easily the tags can mingle together or stick to clothes.  Enter eezeetags. This company invented a new tape that will not stick to skin or clothes. This technology will greatly reduce passengers frustrations,  reduce waste of tape and reduce required for passengers to complete the check in process.


eezeetags – image taken by Experience The Skies on March 10, 2015

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