Public Speaking /

Sharing experience and knowledge is part of Experience The Skies’ core values. We are available to speak in paid and non-paid capacities in the following areas relating to customer experience in the aviation and retail industries: 

  • Customer facing technologies (e.g. mobile applications, wayfinding, loyalty programs) and implications to back end systems
  • Marketing and branding with focus on topics such as data analysis, personalization, engagement and conversion
  • Customer experience of today and into the future
  • Current and future state of loyalty programs 
  • Ancillary products and services for airlines
  • Retail environment at airports and at multi-modal hubs
Additionally, we are available for media quotes in the same areas. We have been quoted previously in USA Today, Retailer Insider and Urban Toronto. 

Contact with Request: 
Phone: +1 416 727 5820
Email: [email protected]