What We Do

Airport Non-Aeronautical Revenue Analysis and Retail Expansion: Most airports revenue stream comes from aeronautical activities such as landing fees, operational support and terminal usage. As airports capacity becomes space constrained, they explore new avenues of non-aeronautical options to expand revenue growth.  We partner with consulting and publishing firm Retail Insider to assist airports in evaluating their asset and real estate utilization and maximizing non-aeronautical revenue streams with new retail and non-retail expansion. 

Airline Ancillary Revenue Builder: Per IdeaWorks Company‘s annual survey, airline ancillary revenue projected to be US$82 billion+ in 2017 with an estimated growth rate of 6.9% 2018. We assist airlines in two ways, 1. build new set of ancillary products and services based on specific set of criteria and 2. review an airline’s current set of ancillary products and services and provide recommendations based on comparative analysis, revenue maximization principles and customer experience impact analysis.

Airline and Airport Partnerships: Many airlines operate key hubs at airports around the world. Working with both entities, we assist in identifying retail opportunities that would be beneficial to both while improving brand coverage, building consistent customer experience and creating unique storytelling opportunities.

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