Rovaniemi Airport – Santa’s Gateway Gets Upgrades

Rovaniemi Airport - Reindeer Sculpture

Rovaniemi Airport (RVN) located in Lapland, Finland will receive some upgrades as part of Finavia Corporation’s announcement to provide visitors with an enhanced travel experience.

The airport is the fifth biggest in Finland and is about 10 kilometers (6 miles) to the Rovaniemi city centre. It has the distinction as Santa’s Official Airport due to its proximity to both the Santa Claus Village and Santa Park (within 2–3 kilometers (1.2–1.9 miles)).

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Rovaniemi Location Credit – Google Map


Main terminal upgrades will begin shortly and will complete by November 2015. The modernization includes the following services:

Security Checkpoint

Security checkpoint has been in construction during the year and will receives a facelift. It should be ready by the new winter season

Passport Control

Passport control will be relocated, and the facilities of Customs will be renovated.

Rovaniemi Airport - Check In Area

Rovaniemi Airport – Current Check In Area Credit: Airport Authority (All Rights Reserved)

Passenger Experience

New restaurant section will be built. The restaurant operated by SSP Finland will include reindeer meatballs and burgers on the menu and feature unique decorations like reindeer antler chandeliers.

The furniture in the gate area will be updated and the walls reimagined with the nature of the Arctic Circle in mind. If all goes as planned, we should be finished and ready in November 2015.

Shop selections have been designed together with the Santa Claus Foundation.

Flight Details

There are five daily flights from Helsinki-Vantaa Airport (HEL) to Rovaniemi Airport from both Finnair and Norwegian. Additionally, there are a significant number of charter flights that ups total passenger count from 30,000 to 100,000 per month. The modernization is likely to attract tourists from Europe and beyond.

“More and more Asian passengers are coming in from Helsinki Airport, and just recently I flew to Rovaniemi next to a New Zealander, who was here for a conference trip. Our airport is the first contact many international passengers will have with Finland, and this first contact is now being improved to be smoother and more comfortable. We will offer a taste of the atmosphere of Lapland to the tourists who have come to experience it”, says Martti Oinas, Finavia’s regional manager for Lapland and manager of Rovaniemi Airport.

Future Projects

While interior projects will complete by the upcoming winter season, exterior projects like runway re-surfacing and updated lighting system, potentially incorporating flood light fixtures will begin work in Summer 2016.

Rovaniemi Airport - Runway

Rovaniemi Airport – Runway Credit: Airport Authority (All Rights Reserved)