Star Wars Lands At Singapore Changi Airport For Limited Time

Star Wars at Changi Airport

In celebration of the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Singapore’s Changi Airport created a new exhibit that will enhance departure passengers to stay a little while longer.

Singapore Changi Airport

In combination with year end festivities, Singapore’s Changi Airport transformed parts of Terminal 2 and 3 into a Star Wars exhibit featuring  two life-sized starfighters.

Exhibition Details

The exhibit opens on November 13, 2015 and will run till after the New Year holidays on January 5, 2016.

Terminal 2 features the TIE fighter which was the signature starfighter of the Galactic Empire, with a later model being used by the First Order.

Star Wars TIE Fighter Changi Airport Terminal 2
Star Wars TIE Fighter Changi Airport Terminal 2
Source: Marketing Interactive

The newer Terminal 3 has the X-wing fighter (which played a prominent role in the Death Star’s destruction in the original Star Wars by Luke Skywalker.

Star Wars X-wing Fighter Terminal 3 Singapore Changi Airport
Star Wars X-wing Fighter Terminal 3 Singapore Changi Airport
Source: Travel Daily Media

Passengers would have the opportunity to don Star Wars costumes and sit behind cockpit controls of the X-wing for an enhanced photo experience. There is also a humanoid protocol droid C-3PO that will teach passengers popular Star Wards phrases in 10 different languages or drive through an obstacle course using the BB-8 (to be introduced in the new movie).


Singapore Changi Airport is the 16th busiest airport by passengers in 2014 (See full list here). By continuing to provide passengers new experiences, the airport has the honor of being one of five airports in the world to earn a 5-star SkyTrax™ rating as well as occupying the no. 1 spot in SkyTrax’s 2015 World Top 100 Airports™ list (Insight – April 2, 2015).

Passenger Experience Revolution

Airports are mostly known as places to transport passengers from location A to B. Competition around the world began a new renaissance of development beyond just boring gate areas with little amenities. For most of 2000 and 2010s, airports expanded their terminals into mega shopping malls and restaurant rows to cater to different passenger needs.

As many feature the same set of designer stores or restaurants anchored by celebrity chefs, the airports that differentiate themselves invest money in creating new and unique experiences that passengers would not mind parting more money.

Changi Airport’s Receipt For Success

Being No.1 is not an easy spot to hold. Changi Airport has been known as an early mover in adding such attractions as cinemas, posh lounges for premium passengers and gardens featuring 200 species of foliage and butterflies within its terminals that open 24 hours 7 days a week.

Where the airport’s terminals received a majority of the press, it worked with All Nippon Airways to create a unique tie-in with their first of three Star Wars inspired aircrafts (News, Initial Routes). The specially painted Boeing 787 landed in Singapore on November 12, 2015 just ahead of the exhibition’s unveil.

Star Wars ANA Boeing 787 Landing at Changi Airport
Star Wars ANA Boeing 787 Landing at Changi Airport
Source: Malay Mail Online
Star Wars ANA Boeing 787 Landing at Changi Airport
Star Wars ANA Boeing 787 Landing at Changi Airport
Source: Malay Mail Online

The Tokyo Connection

While it was a great marketing and branding feat for Singapore Changi Airport. We are left wondering why neither of the two Tokyo airports (Narita (NRT) and Haneda (HND)) did not have the honors to host the exhibition given they serve as All Nippon Airways’ major hubs while the airline has an exclusive partnership with LucasArts®.

As the partnership will last five years, there will be plenty of time to create new experiences for passengers.  Interactive features and product promotions could play a role here.

Final Call

Changi Airport is the first in the world to have two Star Wars starfighters featured inside the airport. This is an opportunity not to be missed if you are a fan of the movie series.

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