Blockchain And The Airline Industry (Part 1)

One of the biggest buzzwords for 2018 is blockchain. It was developed for use initially in digital currencies such as Bitcoins (you can buy bitcoin here). The technology’s robust security, transparency, and durability features lend itself into new business use cases. Experience The Skies introduces what the blockchain technology is and what the airline industry has done to embrace this new technology.

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Apple Business Chat and Airlines

Apple Business Chat And The Airline Industry

Apple Inc. officially introduced Business Chat in its latest iOS beta release for 11.3. It brings new functionalities to the Messages and integrates well with other core applications Apple Pay, Calendar and Maps (Refer to our insight here). The company is playing catch up to established competition from Facebook, Twitter and imbedded chatbot applications (learn more about chatbots at Find out more about the competition and how the airline industry has embraced the technology to offer more choices to engage and upsell. Read More »Apple Business Chat And The Airline Industry

Virtual Reality

Competitive Analysis And Use Cases Of Virtual Reality By Airlines

Air France introduces new virtual reality technology for travel agencies to showcase its business class experience and partners with SkyLights to expand on board entertainment options (Related News). This post continues the discussion with competitive analysis of the virtual reality technology used in the airline industry and new use cases. Virtual reality is an exciting technological advancement that is becoming increasingly sought after in a number of different industries, including sites like Nu-Bay and ( along with the rest of the adult entertainment field.

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