Travel Tools

A unique focus of travel tools that are useful for the traveller from booking flights to transportation to/from the airport and navigating around the airport.

Flight Searches

Search Flight Tools Google has a great tool to search for flights based on specific criteria.  All you have to do is insert the trip information. Google would provide updated information which can be sorted by criteria such as duration, departure time and prices.

After pressing the calendar view, you will be provided with a view of fares for the next two months. This is very useful as a comparison.

Calendar View

Itinerary Searches

GoEuro is a new tool that enables travellers to gain pricing and time for bus, car rental, trains and planes in one consolidated view (refer to this link for the website). It is optimized for the UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg and/or Switzerland currently. Check our coverage on the tool here.

Worldwide Airport Lounges

We have partnered with in providing our readers with a detail view of hundreds of worldwide airport lounges.

How Many Miles did you Fly? is not just any tool  that provides travellers with accurate information on the distance travelled for any non-stop flight.  It takes into account any polar flights (the ones that flies over the North Pole).

Example from (Hong Kong to Chicago). It shows the actual flight miles on this polar route.
Example from (Hong Kong to Chicago). It shows the actual flight miles on this polar route.

Another tool that is great to use is Great Circle Mapper which we featured in our analysis frequently. Copyright © Karl L. Swartz

Inflight Internet Costs

edreams has published an updated list of all airlines with inflight internet through Wifi and its associated costs. You can find the list here .

Flight Delays has a handy tool that shows worldwide airport delays (by time).   Just follow the map and information on the right hand column.

Track delays worldwide with

The following is the major US airports with embedded weather reporting for delays: