Trending Aviation News – Issue 106


Today’s trending aviation news comes courtesy of Tokyo Transport Ministry Panel, Air Canada (AC) and easyJet (U2).

Trending Aviation News – February 6, 2015

Tokyo Transport Ministry Panel

Japanese Transport Ministry Panel announces plan to create a combined 79,000 new slots for Tokyo’s two main airports – This panel is made up of industry specialists who have insights in analyzing current and identifying future needs of the Tokyo aviation industry.

Ahead of the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics, the panel is working to consolidate a list of options to increase capacity for both the Narita (NRT) and Haneda (HND) airports.  In particular, the panel is recommending a ~11% increase of slots for both Narita (NRT) and Haneda (HND) airport (refer to the infographic below).

2020 Tokyo Airport Expansion Plans for Narita and Haneda

2020 Tokyo Airport Expansion – Information taken from Tokyo Transport Ministry Panel recommendation and infographic created by Experience The Skies both on February 9, 2015

The following infographic highlights the list of enhancements recommended by the panel ahead of the Games. The additional capacity improvements would be used mostly by international arrivals.

2020 Tokyo Airport Expansion Recommendation

2020 Tokyo Airport Expansion Recommendation for Narita and Haneda. Information taken from the Tokyo Transport Ministry panel and infographic created by Experience The Skies both on February 9, 2015.

Haneda is the No.4 airport in the world by passenger movement in 2013 (refer to our top 20 list). Additional slot capacity is required as the government is authorizing more international daytime arrivals. This will create new opportunities for airlines based in North America and Europe in enhancing their operations in the Greater Tokyo area (refer to our blog series on the obstacles in obtaining slots at Haneda for US airlines).

Air Canada

Air Canada Proposes Boeing 787-9 Aug – Oct 2015 Operations – Air Canada has 15 Boeing 787-8 and 22 787-9 aircrafts on order. The 787-8 variant has been deployed since 2014. The following infographic provides the flight facts for Air Canada’s Boeing 787-9.

Air Canada Boeing 787-9 Configuration

Air Canada Boeing 787-9 Configuration – Information taken from airline’s website and infographic created by Experience The Skies both on February 9, 2015

Initial Scheduling

Typically, new aircrafts are used on domestic routes for a short period of time for crews to get familiar with the aircraft’s systems and provide feedback on how service can be streamlined. The following is a list of routes Air Canada filed for August to October 2015.

Air Canada Boeing 787-9 Initial Flights

Air Canada Boeing 787-9 Initial Flights – nformation taken from airline’s website and infographic created by Experience The Skies both on February 9, 2015

The first flights would be used on one of 14 pairs of daily Toronto (YYZ) to Vancouver (YVR) flights in the month of August following the following tentative schedule:

eff 04AUG15 Toronto – Vancouver until 31AUG15 (replacing an Boeing 767-300)
AC169 YYZ1300 – 1456YVR 789 D
AC100 YVR1630 – 2352YYZ 789 D

From September 1, 2015 onwards, this aircraft is tentatively scheduled to be deployed to Munich (MUC), Milan (MXP) and Tel Aviv (TLV).

eff 01SEP15 Toronto – Munich until 24OCT15 (replacing an Airbus A330-300)
AC846 YYZ2025 – 1005+1MUC 789 D
AC847 MUC1530 – 1810YYZ 789 D

eff 02SEP15 Toronto – Milan Malpensa until 23OCT15 (replacing a Boeing 767-300)
AC894 YYZ2110 – 1110+1MXP 789 x24
AC895 MXP1255 – 1555YYZ 789 x35

23SEP15 Toronto – Tel Aviv one-off service, return on 24SEP15 (replacing a Boeing 787-8)
AC084 YYZ2330 – 1705+1TLV 789
AC085 TLV2355 – 0445+1YYZ 789

Flights may not be bookable as of time of writing.

Experience The Skies published an entry on where Air Canada could use the 787-9 in the future (refer to link). Additional Air Canada has already announced that it will deploy the bigger 787 to the Toronto to Dubai (DXB) and Toronto to New Delhi (DEL) routes starting in November 2015 (refer to link).

As Air Canada receives additional 787 aircrafts, it will continually pull out less fuel efficient planes from its schedule for upgrades to new business class products introduced in 2014 or re-deploy to routes where it can make profits on lower yields or passenger loads.


easyJet Unveils New Livery for its Twentieth Year of Flying – It has been 20 years since easyJet came into operations and refine the aviation landscape in Europe as a leading low cost carrier.

Old Livery

The livery has been at the forefront of all promotional items from one day as noted by the 200th Airbus A320 aircraft the airline received.

200th Easyjet Airbus

200th Easyjet Airbus. Image taken from wikipedia on February 9, 2015 (All Rights Reserved)

 New Livery 

The new livery removed out the “.com” from the fuselage and is featuring a new modern diagonal stripe. The tail also includes the airline’s name that is 15% bigger.New easyJet Airbus livery

New easyJet Airbus livery – Image taken from easyJet’s website on February 9 2015. All Rights Reserved

The new livery will be introduced from April 2015 delivery onwards. All existing aircrafts which are not being replaced will be repainted by the end of 2017.

Branding plays an important role in the overall perception of the airline. It was smart for easyJet to introduce a new livery that retained the iconic orange look with a sleek modern design on the fuselage. Eliminating the “.com” makes sense as most passengers are aware of booking tickets using easyJet’s website.

If you are not familiar with this low cost airline, the following infographic will provide you with some operating information:

easyJet Current Facts

easyJet Current Facts – Information taken from airline’s website and Infographic created by Experience The Skies both on February 9, 2015 (All Rights Reserved)

Similar to Southwest in the US, this London based airlines had a very successful FY2014. Most metrics are in green indicating that improvements were made. The one item worth mentioning is its load factor crossing 90%. That is a high mark even for a lower cost carrier.